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Alabama Family Practice, P.C. is delighted to introduce the newest addition to our dedicated team, Dr. Thomas Lindsey, D.O., CASM. Dr. Lindsey is a board-certified specialist in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, bringing a wealth of expertise and a unique approach to patient care. With a background steeped in academic excellence and a strong commitment to enhancing the well-being of our community, Dr. Lindsey is here to provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages. Dr. Lindsey was recently certified by AAFE for botox and filler injections, making him well-rounded in the medical and aesthetics field.

Meet Dr. Thomas Lindsey:

Dr. Lindsey is a Montgomery native, having graduated from Trinity Presbyterian School. His journey in the medical field began with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, earned Magna Cum Laude at Furman University. He then pursued his osteopathic medical degree at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine (ACOM) in Dothan, AL, where his passion for patient care and education began to shine.

Education and Specialization:

Dr. Lindsey’s impressive educational background includes completing his Family Medicine Residency and Sports Medicine Fellowship at the esteemed University of Alabama. But what sets him apart is his pre-doctoral fellowship in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy (OMT), a hands-on approach to musculoskeletal disorders that corrects structural imbalances, improves circulation and provides pain relief. This expertise adds a unique dimension to his approach to healthcare.

The Unique Blend: OMT and Sports Medicine:

Dr. Lindsey’s dual board certification in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine, coupled with his proficiency in OMT, allows him to offer a distinct approach to the care of athletes and individuals of all ages. He can address musculoskeletal injuries, acute and chronic medical conditions, and work to keep athletes at their optimal performance levels.

Sports Nutrition Expertise:

In addition to his medical qualifications, Dr. Lindsey possesses extensive knowledge of sports nutrition. He can help athletes maximize their performance and prevent injuries through personalized nutrition guidance.

Aesthtics and Beauty:

He was recently certified by AAFE (American Academy of Facial Aesthetics) for botox and filler injections, making him well-rounded in both medical and aesthetics. This allows him to help men and women reach higher levels of health and wellness! Patients can now see Dr. Thomas for fillers and injections to look and feel younger. 

A Commitment to the Community:

Having treated high school and college athletes across a broad spectrum of sports, from football and gymnastics to swimming and mixed martial arts, Dr. Lindsey is deeply invested in the health and well-being of our community. His dedication to serving the people of Montgomery is unwavering.

Personal Interests:

When he’s not in the clinic, Dr. Lindsey enjoys various outdoor activities, including fly fishing, hunting, golfing, and lake life. His personal commitment to an active lifestyle aligns perfectly with his role in promoting health and wellness.

Accepting New Patients:

Dr. Lindsey is now accepting new patients of all ages, from five and above. Most insurance plans are accepted, making quality healthcare accessible to all. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Thomas Lindsey, please call (334) 213-3606.

We are excited to welcome Dr. Thomas Lindsey to Alabama Family Practice, P.C. His exceptional qualifications, commitment to patient care, and unique approach to sports medicine and OMT make him an invaluable addition to our practice. Whether you’re seeking care for a sports-related injury, or chronic medical condition, or simply looking for a trusted family physician, Dr. Lindsey is here to provide you with the highest level of care. We look forward to serving the Montgomery community with the exceptional healthcare that Dr. Lindsey brings to our practice.